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The Wiggles are, without a doubt, one of the most iconic kids groups around, and continue to appeal to and entertain the very young.  They’ve been going strong since 1991, and their considerable multimedia empire extends to the realm of online video games.

The free online Wiggles games are designed with young fans in mind, so if you’re looking for computer activities for your 3-year-old, the Wiggles games are a great choice.  Some do nothing more than react when you scroll over an object.  The heavy use of video versions of characters will also appeal to youngsters.

You can access Wiggles game via KidZui’s free, kid-safe web browser by typing “The Wiggles” in the search bar.  Pick the “Sprout’s Wiggly Waffle” option on the top row.

All of the Wiggles games are presented under the theme of the Wiggly Waffle.  On the home page, each character standing in a part of the waffle presents a different activity, but you can also see a list of the Wiggles games by clicking the Games button at the top of the screen.

Free Wiggles Games Online

Get ready to have fun with The Wiggles!

Here’s a closer look at the different Wiggles games and online activities found on Sprout Online.

The Wiggles Wiggly Waffle Topping Game

The Wiggles Wiggly Waffle Game

Make a crazy (and yummy!) waffle.

Choose from various objects and silly toppings on the bottom of the screen.  Once you’ve chosen four, kids can hit the “Make My Waffle” button to watch a funny video of all their selections being placed upon their very own Wiggly Waffle.  Once complete, kids can watch the video again or choose to make another.  It’s great how videos of the Wiggles help narrate the action and each selection.

The Wiggles 5th Wiggle Game

The Wiggles 5th Wiggle Game

Join in the fun by becoming the 5th Wiggle.

This game requires families to register for Sprout Online access, but after doing so they can use their picture and place it on a Wiggle character, making it appear as if they are the new 5th Wiggle!  After joining the band, kids can dance along to their favorite Wiggles songs.  Think of this game as an online version of those scenes you’ll find at amusement parks that kids can pop their faces into.

The Wiggles ‘Wake Up Jeff!’ Game

The Wiggles Wake Up Jeff Game

Jeff, it’s time to wake up!

Wiggles fans will have no trouble believe that Jeff is asleep again.  In order to wake him up, young kids must select the different sounds to combine to make a noise loud enough to wake him up.  The game requires nothing more difficult than the need for kids to push the different buttons.  Once the “meter” is high enough, kids can hit the “Wake Up Jeff” to see if their noise is enough to wake up Jeff!

The Wiggles Instruments Game

The Wiggles Instrument Game

Point at the instruments to make your own catchy music.

This simple game is perfect for young Wiggles fans who are just mastering the mouse.  By simply hovering the cursor over an instrument, kids can hear the noise that it makes.  Younger kids will no doubt have a blast with this game.  That said, parents who aren’t fans of repetitive sounds may want to remember to leave the volume on the computer low.  We also couldn’t help but be a little disappointed at the absence of a keytar among the collection of instruments, but we doubt your kids will miss that much.

The Wiggles Radio Game

The Wiggles Radio Game

Choose your station and dance to your favorite song!

Although the radio itself is not that big, if kids can navigate the mouse to push the different buttons and nobs, they can help the Wiggles dance along to favorite songs such as Wag the Dog, Dance Party, Do the Monkey, Point With Your Fingers and Do The Twist, and of course Hot Potato.  There isn’t much interaction involved with this game – it’s intended more to let your kids listen and dance to some Wiggles songs.  Think of it as a Wiggles Pandora station for your little ones.

The Wiggles Vegetable Soup Game

The Wiggles Vegetable Soup Game

Catch the veggies to make a tasty soup.

Henry the Octopus is dropping vegetables, and kids must move the mouse from side to side in order to catch the falling food.  A counter keeps track of how many vegetables they’ve caught.   Twenty veggies is the target for making a tasty vegetable soup!

Are your kids fans of The Wiggles games?  If so, we’d love to hear about their experiences!

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