Thanksgiving Games for Kids

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is steeped in history and tradition, from the pilgrims landing on Plymouth Rock to the traditional turkey dinner.  It’s a time to celebrate a bountiful harvest, and also to remember what it is you and your family are thankful for.

This time of year, there are also a few places we’ve found online to help put kids and families in the Thanksgiving spirit.  Here are some great Thanksgiving games for kids that we found using KidZui’s free, kid-safe web browser by simply typing in “Thanksgiving” and “Thanksgiving Games” and exploring our options.

Thanksgiving Portals

These places all have links directly to tons of different Thanksgiving themed activities.  We’ve included the Kidzui search phrase which will direct you to each of these pages.


Our favorite one-stop place for Thanksgiving fun, the Thanksgiving portal from has puzzles, crafts, jokes and even a quiz.  We love the site layout and the great variety of different activities available here.

“Lil’ Fingers Thanksgiving”

With a rather basic design and simplistic Thanksgiving activities, Lil’ Fingers has links to take kids to a Thanksgiving-themed online storybook, coloring pages that can be printed out, and a few fun games.  There are even some helpful tips for parents that range from making traditional recipes kid-friendly to including them in the more “thankful” aspects of the holiday.


Free Online Thanksgiving Games

Use the Kidzui browser to find links to Thanksgiving portals like Lil’ Fingers.

“Thanksgiving Fun” or “Games Thanksgiving”

Featuring a countdown timer, this page from links to great Thanksgiving crafts, such as a place card maker.  There are also word games, stationery and even a place to make cute online Thanksgiving postcards.

“Thanksgiving Games”

We love how this page from features games and puzzles and coloring pages that can be either be printed out or filled in online.  Be forewarned: This site does have a few video ads with sounds, but contains some great links for Thanksgiving fun.

Our Favorite Thanksgiving Games and Activities

From these sites which can be found through KidZui, here are a few of our favorite activities.

Turkey Flibricks

Turkey Flibricks is a fun Thanksgiving-themed puzzle game that is part concentration, part race against the clock.  New rows of cards are constantly added, pushing down remaining cards toward the bottom of the screen.  Players must race to clear them before they reach the bottom.


Thanksgiving Activities

Flibricks is concentration with a twist, and this version has a healthy dash of Thanksgiving, too.

Amaizing Maze

Using the arrow keys, kids must navigate through the “Amaizing Maze” and rescue the farm animals before they make it to the exit.  An easy version lets kids play with no time limit, but it can be quite a challenge to complete the version that has only a certain amount of time provided.


Thanksgiving Games for Kids

Drawing your way through this corn maze is as easy as using the arrow keys.

Thanksgiving Jokes

For kids that can read and love a good corny joke (that’s pretty much all of them in grade school, right?), this series of Thanksgiving jokes is sure to provide a few groaners your family hasn’t heard before.



Thanksgiving Free Games

Looking for a few new jokes to share around the dinner table?

Placecard Maker

By printing out these placecards, kids can help get the table ready for Thanksgiving.  There are three different designs to choose from.


Free Games for Thanksgiving

Print out these Thanksgiving place cards for a craft that kids can help with.

Harvest Games Snapshot

How good is your attention to detail?  Play Harvest Games Snapshot to see if you can find the very small portion of the larger picture.  Bonus points are awarded for finding it as quickly as possible.


Free Thanksgiving Games

You’ll need to look real close to see where the smaller picture is in the bigger picture.

Thanksgiving Dinner

This is sort of a dress-up game, except instead of dressing up dolls or online characters, kids can customize their Thanksgiving table setting by changing the food, silverware, centerpiece, decorations and more.

Thanksgiving Games Free

Get ready for some “dress up” fun as you set the Thanksgiving table how you want to.

Have these games helped get you in the Thanksgiving spirit?  What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving traditions?  We’d love to hear from you, and appreciate your feedback.

KidZui Gamer

Family Game Guy” Johner Riehl is the founder and editorial director of and, sites dedicated to offering families easy-to-understand information about family-friendly games and apps.  He lives in San Diego with his wife Christina and three sons.

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  1. Hello!! Happy Thanksgiving Day :)
    Thanksgiving games add more entertainment and fun to this day, making it very special. I like your ideas about thanksgiving games for kids. These games create lots of fun for children i.e. Turkey Flibricks, Amaizing Maze, Thanksgiving Jokes, Placecard Maker, Harvest Games Snapshot etc. There are many thanksgiving games those create lots of fun to play with your kids and friends such as thanksgiving outdoor games, thanksgiving indoor games, online thanksgiving games, and adventurous thanksgiving games.

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