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Dino Dan is a relatively new program that airs in the US on Nick Jr. and features a mixture of live action and computer-generated dinosaurs. The show teaches kids about dinosaurs and also helps show how to use the scientific method to identify and solve problems in their everyday lives.

Kids who are looking to play some games based on Dino Dan can find everything they’re looking for via KidZui’s free, kid-safe web browser.  Simply type “Dino Dan” in the search bar and you’ll see a link to the DinoDan.com website, which is the main place on the web to find Dino Dan games.

At the official Dino Dan site, there’s a persistent world where kids will need a username and password, and work to earn and unlock different games and activities through their dinosaur exploration.  For younger kids who like dinosaurs but aren’t ready for that type of game, there are also a couple of Dino Dan games available on the Nick Jr. website which we also take a look at below.


This is the place for a true Dino Dan experience, where kids can play games, uncover dinosaur bones and learn lots about a number of different creatures. The entire experience is full of educational value, and before long kids will be increasing their knowledge about dinosaurs that parents probably can’t even pronounce.

Dino Dan Games

Enter the world of Dino Dan – or at least his backyard.

In order to get the most enjoyment out of these Dino Dan games, you’ll need to set up an online account.  All you need to provide is a first name, password and a parent’s e-mail address and then kids will be able to begin their dinosaur adventures.

Here’s a look at a few of the activities:

Dig Site – This hunt for dinosaur bones has kids examining the area with sonar, zooming in for a closer look with a magnifying glass, and then using different tools like a shovel, pick ax, sifter or brush to fully expose the hidden dinosaur bones.  Once all have been collected, kids then must put them all together in a puzzle and help Dino Dan identify the dinosaur they’ve discovered.

Dino Dan Dig Site

Search for dinosaur bones using tool real-life archaeologists do.

Dino Lab – Learn more about different dinosaurs by examining their eggs in the egg hatchery, accessing the Dinocyclopedia on the virtual computer or even view videos and photos from the show. Each of the classroom’s four areas has lots of information to explore.

Dino Dan Dino Lab

You can learn a lot from dinosaurs by studying their eggs, or looking them on the computer.

Tail Swipe Sports Spectacular – In this game, kids will play different sports like soccer and hockey against dinosaurs.  Kids move back and forth to line up their shot while Eupolocephius uses his big tail to swat shots away.  At the beginning of the game, kids can choose whether they want to be a boy, a girl or a dinosaur.

Dino Dan Sports Spectacular

Dinosaurs make incredible goalies. It’s not easy to score!

Quetzocatlus Quest – Fly over the oceans and rivers catching flying fish, while avoiding obstacles like volcanoes, other dinosaurs and more.  Simple controls and three different levels make this an easy to play game for any dinosaur fan.

Dino Dan Quetzocoatl's Quest

Soar through the air and catch the flying fish.

CitySaurus – You must unlock this game by collecting two dinosaurs from your exploration at the Dig Site.  Using animals you’ve earned, you must run through the city, collecting items and jumping over obstacles to make it as far you as you can while earning the highest score.  Utilizing the skills of many different dinosaurs is the key to success in this game, so the more you’ve uncovered in Dino Dig, the better you’ll do.

Nick Jr. Dino Dan games

As a relatively new show, there aren’t quite as many Dino Dan online games on the Nick Jr. site as there are for other shows that have been around for awhile.  But here’s a look at the two that are there, both of which are great for kids around kindergarten age.

Ready, Set Dino – This dinosaur race lets kids help Dino Dan with an experiment to see which dinosaur is the fastest.  Use the arrows to run forward, and press the space bar to ram objects or jump over them.  Nick Jr. recommends this one for ages 4 to 7.

Dino Dan Ready Set Dino

This simple racing game is educational, too. This dinosaur only eats vegetables.

Dino Dan’s Dino Dig Game – Can you help Dino Dan find the dinosaur bones in his backyard?  Use the magnifying glass to search the scene to find the fossils, and then help put them all together to make a complete dinosaur skeleton.  Nick Jr. recommends this one for ages 4 to 7, too.

Dino Dan Dino Dig Game

Every kid loves searching for dinosaur bones, and this game makes it easy.

Dino Dan is about exploration and imagination, and is full of useful educational facts about dinosaurs.  Does your dino-loving kid love Dino Dan?  What kind of dinosaur activities or games have you found for your family?  Feel free to let us know in the comments.

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