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The Care Bears, which started in the 80s as drawings meant for greeting cards, enjoyed a huge surge of popularity in the 80s, with a Saturday morning television show, collectible stuffed animals and even a feature film.  After more than a decade and half, they’ve re-emerged and can now be found once again starring in DVD movies, TV shows and more.

On the official Care Bears site, there are quite a few Care Bear free online games that are great choices for kindergartners and early-elementary aged kids.  The controls are simple, often requiring nothing more than a mouse click.  But even though it’s easy to control, the game play is challenging and fun, making Care Bear online games a great choice for kids looking for some easy fun online.

KidZui makes it easy to find Care Bears games, though, via KidZui’s free, kid-safe web browser by typing “Care Bears.”  A number of options will come up, any one of which will take you to the official Care Bears site.

Here, there are 11 different games to go along with other activities and videos.  One of the things that’s great about the games is that the rules are clearly laid out next to game play, with an icon that shows whether the mouse or buttons need to be used, and clear directions and hints.

Here’s a look at what you’ll find when you go to play Care Bears games online.

Follow Funshine

Jumping is all you’ll need to do to help Funshine run through each level to try and get all her Care Bear friends to follow along.  Each level is sort of like a puzzle, as kids will need to figure when to jump to be able to get to higher parts of the level.  We like this one as it’s got very easy controls but also offers a bit of a challenge.

Care Bears Games Online

Each level requires a bit of strategy in order to collect all your Care Bear friends and items.

Cheer Bear’s Sweet Ride

Click the mouse or press the up arrow to help Cheer Bear jump on the skateboard to collect candy and other sweet prizes.  There’s one level and it takes about a minute, but kids are encouraged to play over and over to try and beat their high score.

Care Bears Games

We love how the controls and hints are clearly visible next to the gameplay on the Care Bears games.

Summer Daze Maze

Help the Care Bears wander through the garden to collect hearts in order to regain their belly badge.  Each level features a different care bear, but similar game play – kids will need to use the arrow keys to avoid the clouds and collect hears.  When they collect all the hearts, their Belly Badges appear.  Think of this one as the Care Bear version of Pac-Man.

Care Bears Online Games

Those clouds are actually on the move, and can be tough to avoid as you work through the maze.

Three For All

If Summer Daze Maze is like Pac-Man, then Three for All is the Care Bears version of Bejeweled.  Switch icons to try and get at least three in a row, but this version also features a Caring Meter that, when full, let’s players shift an entire row to try and align matches.  Each level is also a unique shape, too, which adds some nice variety to the game play.

Care Bears Games for Kids

Three For All is a cute, easy, colorful puzzle game that’s great for kids.

Oopsy’s Bubble Bumpers

This simple game is super-easy to control, and is sort of like pinball.  Oopsy the Care Bear is in a bubble, and with a simple mouse click players can send her bouncing on the screen collecting points by gathering stars, rainbows and more.  As Oopsy falls and bounces downward, more bubble stations appear in which she can be re-launched in any direction.  At the bottom of the screen, different slots worth different point amounts are available.  The goal is to get the highest score possible after three levels.  Oopsy’s Bubble Bumpers is great, time-consuming fun that mixes simple controls with a dash of skill.

Free Online Care Bears Games

Launch Oopsy like a pinball to gather as many items as possible.

Wingnut’s Metal Mix-up

This drag and drop puzzle in which players must put Wingnut the Robot back together is actually pretty difficult.  A 60 second time limit requires players to quickly be able to put each piece in the right place, and even though there are a few big ones, there are also quite a few tricky small ones.  Younger kids will get frustrated with this, but older kids will love racing against the clock trying to beat their best time.

Free Care Bears Games

The one-minute time limit actually makes this puzzle game quite a challenge.

Belly Ball

In this cute game, players must catch a ball and throw it through a cloud hoop.  Kids will take turns with a computer opponent and the first to make three baskets wins.  Mouse movements help control where the shot starts, and a meter and directional arrow must be set in order to complete a shot.  It’s a sequence of controls that’s a bit advanced, and is better suited for kindergartners or early-elementary aged kids.

Care Bears Free Online Games

Time your throw to make three hoops before your opponent.

In addition to these games, there’s also Puzzle Party, Care Bears Click & Color, and Road Trip Match Game, which provide kids with a chance to play a concentration-style memory game, print out coloring pages and put together online puzzles, respectively.

Did you play with Care Bears growing up and are now sharing the experiences with your kids?  Are there other things from your childhood you’d like to see make a comeback (where are the Shirt Tales animals, I wonder?).  Feel free to leave us a comment and let us know what you’re thinking.

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