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Although the television series Caillou came to an end in October 2010 after 15 years, the show still lives on in reruns and, of course, online games.

Caillou Games on PBS Kids

If kids can remember a simple symbol each time they play, the Caillou site will track their achievements in each game.

Kidzui makes it easy to find and play these online Caillou Games with their free, kid-safe web browser.  By simply typing “Caillou” into the search box, your kids will find lots of free Caillou games to explore.

The ultimate online Caillou experience is the same at both and the PBS Kids site.  There’s an immersive online world that offers kids a chance to seemingly play alongside Caillou in games that are at first accessible for even the youngest computer users, but progress in difficulty to challenge older kids.

This online world is designed to provide an enjoyable and replayable experience for preschoolers.  Through the use of cookies the site will remember players who have come based on the symbol they chose.  This is important because completing each game lets kids earn different virtual Caillou figures based on the games they’ve played.

Each Caillou game starts out very easy, and then progresses in difficulty as kids play through.  This is great for kindergarteners, but could lead to frustration for younger kids.  The game offers a multi-colored star system, encouraging kids to try and complete each level in order to earn all three different-colored stars.

Playing Alone

For kids playing by themselves, they’re treated to a number of activities to play with Caillou.

In the Train Tracks game, kids will use the available pieces to complete a track. Each level gets more and more difficult, as the track gets longer, and eventually any “hints” as to what piece goes where disappear.

Online Caillou Games

Kids love building train tracks and watching the train move along to the station.

One of the game modes our family really liked was the chance to build and decorate a house.  From picking the shape and the roof of it to decorating each room on the inside, kids can get lost in their on their creativity making their houses look however they want.  And after they’re all done, they can either print out a copy of their house, or click a button and see little people living in the house they created.

Caillou Online Games

With so many options, kids can decorate the inside and outside of these houses for hours.

In Cooking with Grandma, kids must explore the kitchen to find the right ingredients.  Open and close cabinets, look on counters, there’s lots to explore and remember.  Each recipe gets a bit harder, as kids must find ingredients based only on silhouettes or even memory. After completing a recipe, kids can print it out to try it with a grown-up at home.

Free Caillou Online Games

The recipes in the game really work, and can be printed out to be tried in real life.

There are many different areas of Caillou’s world for kids to explore.  From inside the house to the backyard to the park, there are lots of great activities, all explained clearly by Caillou, and accessible for kids ages three and up.

A Chance to Play Together

One thing that’s really neat about the official Caillou games is the chance for parents to play with their kids.  At the beginning of each play session, Caillou will ask if players are playing by themselves or with someone else.

By choosing to play along, there are different games and experiences available.  For example, when building a house, a grown-up is able to help kids choose different floors and wall decorations.  Although the games aren’t necessarily changed very much, it’s neat to see this type of playing together encouraged, and is something we definitely appreciate.

Caillou Games

Caillou offers kids a chance to play games with their parents.

Do you sit down with your kids when they play these types of online games?  Does it help that the game encourages it?  We think playing together with kids is one of the best things parents can do, and would love to hear some of your experiences.

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