Barbie Games for Kids

Barbie Games for KidsBarbie is as wildly popular today as she was 50 years ago when she was introduced.  But she now takes on many forms, and the makers are careful to hold Barbie up to high standards of female equality while providing strong messages of girl empowerment.  Girls on the Internet will love playing with Barbie on the computer, and KidZui makes it easy to find and play Barbie games.

Barbie fans can use KidZui’s free, kid-safe web browser and type “Barbie” into the search bar.  Find the link to “ – Games & Activities for Girls” and you’ll be taken to the official Barbie website.

At the site, girls will find lots of Barbie games for kids.  Additionally, there’s lots of videos to watch, fun activities, and the Mattel Store, where you can shop for Barbie dolls and accessories. Fun and Games for Girls

Limo Jam is a Pac-Man style game in which girls must race around the city collecting items before they arrive at their next destination, such as a boutique.

The videos on the Barbie site are primarily ads or DVD trailers, and we don’t necessarily recommend going there just for them.  But we definitely recommend girls check out the Barbie games, in all there are more than 50 of them.

One of the interesting things about the Barbie site is there are actually multiple ways to access the different games.  By clicking the link called “Games” at the top, you go to a full listing (with categories) and Barbie’s voice tells you how she’s a gamer girl.  But there’s also a fun way to access these games and other activities through the “Fab Girl” section of the Barbie site.  Here, kids will get a look at Barbie’s “profile,” modeled after social network pages.   Through this page, players can play games like Limo Jam, Make a Magazine Cover and view other photos.  With special codes from purchasing real-life Fab Girl dolls, kids can also unlock other games.

Online Barbie Games

The Barbie “I Can Be” page focuses on a career-oriented Barbie.

The other really cool way to access these Barbie games is through the “I Can Be…” link on the Barbie home page.  On this page, girls choose from one of 10 different career-oriented Barbies, and play a game based on that profession.  Currently, Architect is highlighted as the 2011 Career of the Year on the Barbie site, but girls can also play as a chef, computer engineer, teacher, ballerina, doctor, lifeguard, veterinarian and more.  Combined with these games is a link to buy the real-life Career Barbie from the Mattel Shop.

The Barbie online games at the official Barbie site are split into five different categories: Princess & Fairy, Fashion, Pets, Arcade and Sporty. Here’s a closer look at each group.

Princess & Fairy

Featuring special versions of Barbie, girls can play dress up or simple word search games or take on a greater adventure in games like Fairy Secret Adventure, in which you must fly around “Gloss Angeles” to help Fairy Barbie collect items to help Princess Graciella.  There’s also a cool game starring Thumbelina Barbie, called Go-Grow Garden.  Basically, if a game features a special type of Barbie, it can be found in this section.

Barbie Dressing Games for Girls

Planting all these flowers may look sample, but it requires patience, coordination and an attention to detail.


Dress and decorate Barbie and Ken in these different fashion-based Barbie game.  You can even decorate Barbie’s Dream House or create your own Fashion Magazine cover.  Girls will love the chance to create their own outfits in these games that focus more on creativity and less about completing specific tasks.

Barbie Dressup Games for Kids

Barbie Glitterized Fashions is a game based on a real-life toy in which girls create outfits, and can then add color and glitter.


Barbie and Pets go together just as well as Barbie and Ken, so in these pet-themed games, Barbie has a chance to help take care of animals as a veterinarian, teach dogs tricks, work as a pet groomer or even take care of animals in the wild.  Each of the Pets game combines Barbie with animals and there are six different ways to play.

Barbie Games for Girls and Kids

Groom and dress up your pets Barbie-style in Barbie Zoom and Groom.


The Barbie arcade games are designed to test gamer’s reflexes and skills in games that are more about fun than they are about a specific Barbie product.  There are coloring games, memory games and sliding puzzles.   Many of the games here combine two different types of play, such as clicking to find objects in a scene after receiving clues about them.

Free Online Barbie Games

Barbie in the Great Scooby Doo Search combines seek and find gameplay with word puzzles.


Any girl can tell you, Barbie’s not just a girly girl.  She’s also a great athlete, and with Barbie online games girls can help Barbie surf, race cars, do some extreme BMXing or groom and ride horses.  There’s even a game called Potty Race here in which Barbie must help her little sister make it to the bathroom in time by removing all toys and baby gates from her path so she’s not distracted.

Barbie Doll Games Online

Potty Race helps capture one of the key jobs of a babysitter – getting kids to the bathroom on time! is a place where girls can do a variety of activities, but the best stuff is really the games.  Which Barbie games did your kids enjoy?  We’d love to hear about them!

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