More Reasons to Love Starfall Games for Kids

A couple of years ago, we told you why we love Starfall games for kids so much. With time, our affection for the learning site has only grown! It is an outstanding resource for beginner readers and their teachers, and we encourage all of our KidZui parents to use their browser to check out the site. While the entire site provides entertaining animations, the third “It’s Fun to Read” level is the most engaging for your little readers with fun activities and games. Here are a few of our favorites!

Starfall Games for Kids in KidZui: Starfall Magic

The Starfall Magic games are a great way to introduce phonics to your little readers

Starfall Magic

In this section of the site, your child can make a magician, label a magician, do a magic hat trick, or do a magic shell trick. Each of these activities coaches your child through all of the reading word by word, while still keeping up the fun. The magician becomes a fun companion to guide your magic-loving reader through the activities.


Starfall Games for Kids in KidZui: Starfall Art Gallery

A KidZui parent might even learn something new in the Art Gallery section of Starfall

Starfall Art Gallery

In the Art Gallery, Starfall makes an effort to combine art history into its phonics games. Your child can learn about Vincent van Gogh and combo words at the same time! This is yet another example of how Starfall games for kids can tie into and be beneficial to other aspects of your child’s development.


Starfall Games for Kids in KidZui: Starfall Music

Allow classical music to help with your child’s reading

Starfall Music

In another example of how Starfall games for kids integrate other types of learning with reading, Starfall Music teaches your reader about some of the classics. The Ludwig von Beethoven section guides a learner through Beethoven facts and music. Eventually, this prompts a lesson on number words like “first, second, third, etc.”


Starfall also provides lesson plans if you’d like to try a structured approach to learning how to read. If your little reader hasn’t tried the Starfall site yet, give it a shot. Starfall games for kids is the perfect example of making learning phonics fun!

Have you tried Starfall in your KidZui browser yet? What are your thoughts on the site? Let us know in the comments below!

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