Surprise Troop Homecomings

Members of our military have our utmost respect, considering the sacrifices they make for our country.  But don’t forget about their families as well, who continue to live daily life while their dad, mom, brother, sister, son or daughter are overseas.

While we often hear sad stories about soldiers losing their lives, nothing warms our heart like seeing videos and pictures of these troops coming home and returning to their families.

So bust out the tissues, because it might get a little dusty in here.  These  are some of our favorite homecoming videos.

There’s so much joy surrounding the time when troops come home, and these reunions can lead to some unbelievably amazing moments.  As this dad returns home, he’s greeted by his family, including his young son with cerebral palsy, who’s never walked before, until this moment as he starts walking toward his dad who has just returned home from being deployed.

Surprise Troop Homecomings: A boy with cerebral palsy walks to his Marine dad for the first time

This young boy took his first steps over when he saw his dad was home!

We also love this one, with a family of South Carolina Gamecocks fans on the field hearing a message from their dad that is supposedly overseas.  After seeing a short video of him onscreen, they’re surprised to learn that he’s actually in the stadium! Watch how fast the mom runs toward her husband as he enters the field!

Surprise Troop Homecomings: Surprise Military Family Welcome Home at South Carolina Football Game

This family just found out their dad is about to run through the tunnel and onto the field. Watch them sprint toward him!

Here’s a high school freshman and a high school sophomore being interviewed in the school office, and surprised by their dad.  I wonder if they were nervous being called to the office like that?  You get the sense when the girls see their dad they had a feeling he would be there somewhere, but it doesn’t make it any less nice to see.

Surprise Troop Homecomings: U.S. Soldier Surprises His Two Daughters at Their High School

This dad surprised his daughters in the office of their high school.

Dogs can’t help but be uncontrollably excited as well, as this pooch happily greets, licks and jumps all over his returning owner.  Even pets can miss their family!

Surprise Troop Homecomings: Dog Welcomes Home Soldier...Again

This dog shows that pets can get just as excited when their owner returns home!

In one of the strangest ones we’ve seen, this dad dresses up as Darth Vader to surprise his son at a Star Wars party.  After a prolonged duel, it is eventually revealed to the young boy that Darth really is his father!

Surprise Troop Homecomings: U.S. Navy Sailor, Dressed as Darth Vader, Surprises His Son, Luke Skywalker

How about a Stars Wars themed reunion? That’s not Darth Vader, that’s my dad!

There are quite a few great videos of troops surprising their relatives.  Here’s a soldier surprising his sister who’s on stage during a raffle in front of the rest of the school.  This one is set to Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are.” We love these types of videos and could watch them all day!

Did you tear up at all like we did?  Do you or your friends have a cool reunion video or story to share?  Tell us all about it, we’d love to share it with the rest of our family!

And thanks as always to the troops and their families for the sacrifices they make!



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