New LeapPad Ultra Kids’ Tablet Powered by Zui

The LeapPad Ultra recently released by LeapFrog

The LeapPad Ultra is LeapFrog’s latest offering in the kids’ learning tablet space.

It seems we live in a day and age when every kid wants their own tablet. They’re obsessed with mobile games and activities, just like us adults. Sometimes, as parents, it’s hard to hand over our own tablets when we’re using them for work, reading a book or playing our favorite games, so you might have decided to purchase a device for your child to make his/her own. There are many tablets designed specifically for kids in the market, and the LeapPad Ultra is the latest of these, designed to be the ultimate kids’ learning tablet.

LeapSearch safe web experience on the LeapPad Ultra

The KidZui team is proud to have contributed the LeapSearch safe web browsing experience to the LeapPad Ultra.

The new LeapPad Ultra has everything you’ve come to expect from LeapFrog products: fun games and activities for your children and peace of mind for you that only educator-approved content is getting to your children. The KidZui team worked to provide the LeapPad Ultra with LeapSearch – the kid-safe web browsing solution for your son or daughter’s newest tablet. Our team is proud to partner with LeapFrog to provide this safe online experience for your tablet-friendly kids!

LeapPad Ultra Games

The LeapPad Ultra comes pre-loaded with games and other learning activities.

Have you purchased a tablet especially for your child yet? Are they playing with your hand-me-downs instead? Or with no tablet at all? How do mobile devices fit into your family? Let us know in the comments below!

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3 Responses to New LeapPad Ultra Kids’ Tablet Powered by Zui

  1. Randall says:

    We got a chance to try out the new LeapPad Ultra and the kids love it. Their favorite feature was the large 7 inch screen. I love how it has Wi-Fi now. I like how all of the web content is filtered to keep kids safe thanks to the team at Kidzui.

  2. Gibson Gahan says:

    Granddaughter getting an ultra to upgrade her Leappad. Any chance that there will be a method to allow additional websites? Hoping for access to Sesame Street, PBS Kids, Disney Jr and Nick Jr are ones I hope are pre-loaded. Didn’t find any listing of acceptable/approved sites posted on the leapfrog site.


  3. B. Allen says:

    I recently purchased the LeapPad Ultra for my five year old son. Prior to he had been hogging my IPad 2. Overall, I think it’s a great product. It’s sturdy, durable, and kid friendly. Outside of the sticker shock for apps and games, I have a few concerns. The options for gaming and learning apps is very limited. Alongside that, the internet browser has very limited content. Developers should consider allowing parents to determine what kid friendly websites are appropriate for their child. I’m personally a fan of PBS Kids, Disney Junior, and Allowing a true internet browser would increase the life use of the product for a child.

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